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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

WEBER, GUSTAV C. E. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

WEBER, GUSTAV C. E. (26 May 1828-21 Mar. 1912), surgeon, professor, and a founder of SAINT VINCENT CHARITY HOSPITAL AND HEALTH CENTER, was born in Bonn, Germany to anatomy professor Moritz Ignaz Weber and Josephine Philippina (Von Podowilz) Weber. He immigrated to St. Louis in 1848, received his degree from St. Louis Medical College (1851), then returned to Europe to study and intern in Amsterdam. In 1853 began practicing in New York City until 1856, when he became professor of surgery and of principles and practices of medicine at Cleveland Medical College, remaining until 1863 when he joined Bishop AMADEUS RAPPE† to found Charity Hospital, becoming chief of staff in 1864. He also founded the associated medical school and was professor of surgery, dean, and treasurer of the faculty. When Charity Medical College was absorbed into the University of Wooster in 1870, Weber continued as dean of the faculty until 1881, when he returned to Cleveland Medical College. When Western Reserve University was incorporated in 1884, he became a trustee and dean of the Medical Dept. until 1893. In the CIVIL WAR, Weber was surgeon of Ohio. In 1859 he established the Cleveland Medical Gazette, the city's first medical journal, editing it 2 years. Weber's library and armamentarium were donated to CLEVELAND MEDICAL LIBRARY ASSN. In 1896 he was appointed U.S. consul in Nurnberg, Germany. Upon his return 4 years later, Weber suffered a stroke at a welcome dinner. He spent his remaining years in Willoughby. Weber married Ruth Elizabeth Chaney in 1854 and had 2 children, Carl and Ida. He was buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

Gustav Weber Papers, Allen Memorial Medical Library Archives.

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