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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

PAYNE, NATHAN PERRY - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

PAYNE, NATHAN PERRY (13 Aug. 1837-11 May 1885), Cleveland mayor, was born in Cleveland, the eldest son of HENRY B.† and Mary Perry PAYNE†, and attended CLEVELAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS and Pierce Academy in Middleborough, Mass. before returning to Cleveland as an accountant in a coal firm. In 1860, he helped form a coal company, Cross, Payne & Co., which later became Payne, Newton & Co. Late in the Civil War he became a "100 day" volunteer, although he had enlisted at war's outbreak in the CLEVELAND GRAYS. He served 2 terms on the local board of education and 6 years on city council at several times between 1862-72. He was elected mayor of Cleveland on the Democratic ticket in 1875 but served only 1 term, declining renomination for the sake of his business activities. He was, at various times, park commissioner, vigorously promoting the development of public PARKS. Payne never married. He lived in his later years with his grandmother, Mrs. Nathan Perry, Jr. (Paulina Skinner Perry).

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