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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

METZENBAUM, MYRON, M.D. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

METZENBAUM, MYRON, M.D. (1 April 1876-25 Jan. 1944), ear, nose and throat specialist at Mt. Sinai Hospital (see MT. SINAI MEDICAL CENTER), designed the surgical scissors which bear his name. He was a national authority in reconstructive surgery. Metzenbaum was born in Cleveland, to Joseph and Fanny Firth Metzenbaum, and educated in the public schools. He attended Adelbert College and Case School of Applied Sciences (see CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY) and received a B.S. from Ada University. In 1900 he received a medical degree from the School of Medicine of Western Reserve University; he did post-graduate work in Vienna, Austria, and London, England. Metzenbaum did his internship and residency at St. Alexis Hospital (1899-1901, see ST. ALEXIS HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER) under Dr. He lectured in anatomy at the Cleveland College of Physicians and Surgeons (1903-05). In addition to Mt. Sinai, Metzenbaum was on the courtesy staff of St. Luke's Hospital (see SAINT LUKES MEDICAL CENTER). Active in the CLEVELAND ACADEMY OF MEDICINE, Metzenbaum belonged to other local, state, and national medical societies.

Metzenbaum married Elsa Fuldheim on 20 March 1912; their children were Louise Feldman and Jane Cukor. A CLEVELAND HEIGHTS resident, his interests included travel and MUSIC.

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