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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

CRILE HOSPITAL - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

CRILE HOSPITAL (June 1943-64) was built by the U.S. Army as a hospital for soldiers and military veterans. Located on York Rd. in PARMA, it was named in honor of Col. GEORGE W. CRILE, SR.†, who served as clinical director of the LAKESIDE UNIT, WORLD WAR I, World War I (U.S. Army Base Hospital #4) in Rouen. The hospital had 108 beds scattered through 83 buildings located on 152 acres. The city of Parma opposed plans to convert it into a neuro-psychiatric hospital for veterans, and the hospital closed in 1964 when the Veteran's Administration Hospital (Wade Park, see VETERAN'S ADMINISTRATION MEDICAL CENTER) opened. The site was donated to CUYAHOGA COMMUNITY COLLEGE the next year.


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